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Seizing Your Divine Moment


This past week have been a week filled with indecision and doubt of my ministry. Not necessarily that I am called to do what I am doing, but the impact that it has. More specifically the relational, financial, and other strains that it has. As pastor’s we often talk about faith and how to do it. It is easy to have faith during good times or when it does not overwhelmingly effect you. When it does it sparks a conflict within ones heart. The last couple days have been low points for me, as I struggled to wrestle with issues dealing with my family, calling, ministry, and its future. I found myself wondering around Borders and I picked up a book by Erwin McManus. As I spent the afternoon and evening reading it, clarity came into my life. Obviously I feel called to the ministry that I am in. McManus describes moments is our lives where we have the opportunity to serve, turn away from it, or worse be do nothing and stand there. There are so many choices that I can make about the ministry that we have struggled to form. The easiest thing to do sometimes is find a way out, and cut your losses. I have sat here all afternoon trying to sense where I am suppose to go. I still have total clarity of the ministry that I am suppose to be involved in, but options have been opening that allow for escape from the situation. Is this a divine moment? I am not quite sure. Is taking these options not what I am suppose to do? it does solve many problems, but what am I compromising in the process?

It is interesting as I sit here and reflect on where I feel God leading me on, but it is against all practical sense. What actually drives me: is it the need to pay the bills or being put in a postion to be used? In my divine moment do I cut the losses or is this what I am suppose to do? Quite interesting isn’t it?

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  1. billyhttp://www.billycalderwood.com

    Hey Sean,<br/><br/>Great Book! I read it when I was at a similar point in the church planting endeavour. (BTW don’t buy Erwin’s Chasing Daylight, it is the exact same book with a new title). SYDM was a real encouragement to me and kindof helped me remember how big God is and what he is able to do if we move in faith based on his character. I’ll be praying that you experience the Divine provision and power of God crashing in to your daily life as you keep moving in faith! God does know what we need along the way and he can make it happen!<br/><br/>Look forward to talking again soon!

    July 21, 2006 at 6:52 am

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