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What is wrong with me?

Entering seminary has definitely changed me. I am not sure for the good or the bad. It depends on the perspective. To understand this one has to understand where I have been. I barely, I mean BARELY, made it out of college the first time. By the skin of my chinny chin chin. School was cool, the social, and living outside of my parents home part. No, I didn’t get into drugs or drinking. But enjoyed spending time with friends, slacking off, and being an all around goof off.In order to continue on the ordination track for the PCUSA I needed to go back to school and get a higher GPA. So I did. I still screwed off. I would not open my books for some classes or even do the papers until the day that they were due. One would think that the class that I would do the best “Christian Worldview”, I got a C.Now that I am at SFTS, I look back and wonder what happened to me. I am not the screw off (OK, yes I am) that I use to be. Imagine this I get to school many times early (2 hours). Not to only beat the traffic out of Oxnard, but to sit around McCormick and Scmitt’s for Happy Hour and discuss theology and other academic things. I use the word “things” because I am not so academic. Sometimes as I am sitting around with Sam and Jacoba as we are talking about Postmodernism and issues within the church I laugh at myself. Sean, the screw off is sitting here having these conversations!What is wrong with me? Did I grow up? Have a brain transplant? Am I faking it?Who knows! It is quite interesting though.

One response

  1. Reyes-Chow

    could you be emerging 😉

    February 19, 2007 at 11:17 pm

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