a journal of my journey

Gone and not coming back

For years I have been ranting about my passion. A passion to get people back in church. Now you are saying, “of course is that what we are suppose to be doing?”. Yes…. but. I have a burning desire to see teenagers, especially the ones that use to be a part of a youth program back in church. Statistics now say that up to 90% of former church/ youth group members leave the Church by the sophomore year in college. Ouch. I long for some of those former “kids” to get back into church. The burning desire for them to seek God has faded into the background. Former conventional church wisdom said that they would come back when they start to have a family and want their kids raised within the church. Flash to reality: NO THEY ARE NOT!I was reading an article in the Presbyterian Outlook that talks about Christian Education in this “less Christian culture”. The read was interesting at it describes how our view of ministry needs to change and think out of the box. This is not new to me, but I am seeing an undercurrent as more churches begin to see the need to shift how they think and do ministry. Quinn Fox, the author describes what he sees: “Increasingly the word “missional” is used to describe both the situation in which the church finds itself, and the strategy for us to follow in this “post-Christendom” era.  Eddie Gibbs gives a succinct definition: “Missional refers to those congregations who see Western culture [because it is no longer Christian] as a field ripe for mission engagement, thus acknowledging that the period known as Christendom is over.”  The article continues and looks at several different aspects of how Fox sees the difference in becoming a missional church.Often we adjust the way we do church to the communities needs, such as emphasis on homelessness, violence, and demographics. But why do we not change it with the cultural and post christian times we live?

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