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Greek in 7 weeks

I like to be tortured and in pain. For the next month and a half I am taking Greek. Break? There is no such thing. Maybe the two week break after this class ends. First off, how good at this can I be when I took Spanish I (4x), German, and Greek (at Azusa Pacific) and never got higher than a D. I live in Cali how can I not know some Spanish?Now my head is full of congegations, present indicatives, and other wierd things. Vocabulary words that I cannot even sound out enough. Is it a little wierd when at study last night when people said words I was translating them into my vocab words with conjugations? Example: Angeles is aggelos (not using greek characters). Arrrgghhh. All I can say is my poor wife that has to deal with me for the next six weeks, eleven classes, or thirty eight and half hours. I am not counting or anything. 

One response

  1. Donald

    I think you have it wrong in regards to learning Greek. You shouldn’t learn the Greek language, only how to make Greek Food!Although, maybe learning Greek would help you with getting prime ingredients that you would need to make great Greek food.Mmmm roasted lamb…

    July 19, 2007 at 4:02 pm

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