a journal of my journey

Supervised Ministry

Part of the curriculum at SFTS involved as internship class. Well a couple of weeks ago I started mine. Granted now I am officially a “Seminary Intern” for Word of Life. Great… Anyways I had some preconceived notions of what this class was going to be about. Some words that come to mind are basic, boring, touchy-feely, and a myriad of others. It seems that this class did not really interest me all that much. That was until I started the class. We are reading a book called Shared Wisdom that has changed my outlook. The books is one on case studies. We are to present a case study on a situation that we encounter for each class. Part of it requires us to do a “theological reflection”. It gets us to look at the situation and how we respond in our theology. What I said? In each situation our theology is reflected in our response. If we lash out at others, it is reflected in our theology. If we ignore social problems, it is reflective of out theology. And so on.It made me look at each situation in my life and how my theology is a reaction to it. Now I am looking at each situation as if my theology depends on it. Whether I have a vengeful God, grace filled, small or large God, etc.Great school is making me think!

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