a journal of my journey

I got robbed

So I live in California. I am a registered independent. Which alone has its own problems. Did you know that I am not actually independent but belong to the American Independent Party that was founded by George Wallace. Yes, that George Wallace, the pro-segregationist. Apparently I needed to check the box “decline to state”, someone needs to explain that to me better.Anyway, as an independent I previously was not allowed to vote in primaries. So I was not allowed to vote for Al Gore or even George Bush in the primaries. This year the democrats allowed us independents to vote in theirs. Apparently we are not good enough for the Republicans. So I go to vote with the intention of voting democratic, since I can. I get to the polling station and was simply given a “non-partisan” ballot. All it had was the propositions. When I asked about voting in the democratic primaries, I was told I was not allowed to. Another said that it was too late since I voted already. First off a little confusion.Come on! If this happened to a number of voter such as myself could the winner (not yet declared) in California be completely different? How many of us were disenfranchised by a screwed up system? Boo…. I want my vote back.Sorry for the little rant. LA TIMES ARTICLE ON MY RANT

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