a journal of my journey

Looking to the future

As I was driving to Pasadena for class yesterday I had an epiphany moment. I can actually tell you where it happened. Cruising at 20 mph on the 118 Freeway near the Resenda Blvd Exit at 5:30 in the afternoon. Is that enough detail for you? It hit me that my life may be vastly different in the next twelve months. I will graduate from SFTS/SC in ten months, hopefully will pass the rest of the ordination exams in a month, pass the final certification from the Committee on Preparation for Ministry later this year, and be actively seeking a call. This is more than a little exciting but also leaves many balls up in the air that I will be juggling. Not only am I still on staff at Word of Life but need to complete an internship this fall. My prayer is that in the next couple of weeks that it will be wrapped up. This does not even include my Presbytery stuff that I am involved in which is the Chair of the Nominations, a member of the Presbytery Council, and Chair of the Lay Leader Training Institute Steering Committee. Did I also mention that I have a family and a wife that sometimes sees me?Anyway I was not trying to moan and solicit empathy. I know that all that I have gotten involved in was my own doing. As I look to the future I need to form an exit plan for some these activities. If all goes well, most of these activities cannot be left at a whim, but require long term leadership. I need to seriously look at some of the activities and begin to limit my involvement in them. This does not include the church which I serve, but the extracurricular stuff.This is an exciting time for my family and I. It seem that the long journey of the past several years is about to end, and it seems the world is our oyster in many ways. There seems to be different opportunities around us. We could move to Australia and watch the Aborigines, switch my major and become a Physicist like Donald, or maybe find out if it is possible to have an ordained call to a church on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Is that a validated ministry of the PCUSA? The point is that I need to prepare for the next step in ministry while looking to the best interests of the ministries/ organizations/ people I serve. I seem to recall this from a class I had last semester, Supervised Ministry Seminar. While it focused on transitioning out of the internships we served, basic principles apply.By the way, anyone see my wife lately? How is she doing? Just kidding, I saw her this morning.

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