a journal of my journey

It Takes a Thief

A show that I often watch on the Discovery Channel is called It Takes a Thief. It is about two former burglars breaking into people’s houses and showing them how unsecured their house is. In the end they give them a full security makeover. Sure the premise is to show how to be safe and give great principles on protecting your home. But the flip side it shows how to break into houses. Maybe it can be an alternate career if this whole pastor thing does not work. Or I can be a Tuna Wrangler. All this is showing me is that I watch way too much Discovery Channel.

Anyway, today I helped (not alone) a congregation member “secure” her home. It was interesting going through someones home looking for ways to break in, thus securing it. In a couple of hours we secured the widows and re-keyed the locks, all for under forty bucks. And on a budget too, I got skills there. Something about it was James Bond-esque. Or not. I wonder if I should put that on my resume under “Other Skills”.

Experienced Pastor with skill in preaching, teaching, discipleship, and breaking and entering skills.

Maybe I will leave that out.

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