a journal of my journey

So Tired

I am not a great movie buff. Not sure why. There just seems to be certain moves that I generally gravitate to. They are either heavy action movies such as the MatrixTrilogy’s, and the Die Hard series. I am even one for some extraordinary dramas such as We Are Marshall, The Rookie, Wind, and Invincible.It has been a tradition for a bunch of us from church to see movies that are released at midnight of opening day. Such was the case for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Transformers, etc. Last night we went to see the opening of the new Batmanmovie and I was blown away. Not only with the action and special effects. Christopher Nolan reached a depth in a movie that I really have not experienced before. At times it reached into the inner core of humanity as one explores the difference between those with moral codes and others without. It left me with a sense of needing to be proactive in life. If we become afraid and unwilling to leave our little box, the potential for what the world can become is diminished. As Batman comes into a world where, evil is allowed to coexist, it is easy to be lulled into a sense of despair and acknowledgement that this how the world is suppose to be. But with the interjection of one character, hope arises. Hmmm sounds sort of theological.

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