a journal of my journey

Go Big or Go Home

Don’t you hate it when all logic tells you that you should not do something, but faith and urging of the Spirit tells you quite the contrary. Yesterday our Session sat and pondered our future as a church. We could continue along and be satisfied with the status quo. Logic tells us that we can get by as a church that way, there is nothing wrong with our little niche we have created in Ventura County. Or we can feel the prompting of the Spirit and acknowledge the doors that are opening before us. It came back to a simple theme: Go Big or Go Home. That theme puts us in a scary place one that may put our very survival as a church at risk, but we are doing what we are called to. How many churches actually get to that point where their survival is on the line in doing the work of Jesus? I can say honestly not many… or at least in the PCUSA. While many non-denominational churches come and go… where they do leave it on the line, in the Presbyterian Church I would say that it is a rarity.As we plan to go big or go home, please keep us in your prayers. A verse has been circulating among the elders today that says: “They will know that I am the LORD their God, who brought them out of Egypt so that I might dwell among them. I am the LORD their God.” Exodus 29:46 (NIV)While many can consider us to be stupid or reckless, isn’t that what God calls for us to be in response? Far too often we get rocked into a sense of being complacent and we do not become what we are called to be. That is agents of change and reconciliation in the world. I actually quoted our esteemed moderatorat the Session meeting (and it shows I am a geek). “Nothing is too hard or too wondrous for God.” This definitely going to be a time where we discover who we are. I am excited to tell the story of our church in a couple of years, how God moved this congregation and not us.Pray for us on this journey that we are about to undertake. It is exciting, no doubt about it.

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