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Pay Attention!!!

It is the first week of school for my kids. With that all the crazy drivers are back. In the Oxnard School District we are on a year round cycle so really summer break was only a week long. Apparently in that one week everyone forgot how to drive. Crossing the street today my daughters both almost got hit by cars in different times, and it was only five minutes apart. I usually go to walk them across the street because of the “crazy’s” and today was a good reminder why. This lady in a blue Ford Focus almost ran over my daughter who was in the crosswalk walking, the lady just sped through OVER THE SPEED LIMIT. Now the question is what should I do. Maybe talk to the principal or maybe complain to the cops (yes, I know I will be the on caught). But it is worth my kids safety. Jenn was telling me as I was venting to her that my youngest rolling backpack was hit by a driver earlier this week. Uhhh…. I know I am not suppose to be yelling and screaming at people in cars but that probable would have done it. It is not like we are jaywalking across the street but using a DESIGNATED CROSSWALK! Come on people is it that important for you to zoom out of the school that you are willing to risk the safety of kids?

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