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So I guess I am really an Associate Pastor here. This past Sunday I was installed at St. Paul’s as a Pastor. As I was preparing the service, I felt it was going to be anticlimactic. Probably since I was just ordained a couple months ago and had yet to feel really connected to this Presbytery. My parents had flown out from California and that was book-ended by two major storms. What I found was quite the contrary.

When the Installation Commission was formed I was asked who I would like to be in it. Since I pretty much knew no one… it was simple “I don’t know”. Well my Senior Pastor assembled a few names that I picked through and it turned out to be pretty awesome. I have connected pretty well to some of the Pastors in our Presbytery and my Installation is definitely going to be memorable with a new and renewed connection with some (Rev. Katie Mulligan was the Youth Director at Goleta Pres more than a few years ago and through Facebook).

What made this service most memorable was the amount of people from the congregation that came out on a Sunday afternoon to affirm my position with them and their support for my family. It was moving as part of the Presbytery’s Litany was to support and provide for me. As I was reading the twitter feed of my service later that night (yes, my installation commission and another in the congregation was tweeting) I was reminded that only installed ministers the congregation pledge to support. In todays age there seems to be more and more ministers that ARE NOT categorized as installed. These are supply, interim, and designated pastors. While I believe that many congregations do care for their pastors even when they are not installed, to put it forefront in an installation service brings a deeper sense of commitment.

I was moved by the many people that made the installation something special… thanks. The final hymn was for Jacoba, Sam, and Sandy. Back to ITM days.


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