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I love watching the news. In New Jersey we have Storm Watch, From The Center of the Storm, and other really cool titles that blow out of proportion the weather. That was until a couple of weeks ago. In the span of a night we got more than a dusting of snow, just as my parents were about to come to New Jersey. Then as they were about to depart it was advertised that a monster storm was heading our way. Above is a NASA satellite picture of the storm. Granted it was a monster, stretching from Texas to Chicago to the East Coast. Leading up to it they were saying that we were going to get anything from a mountain of snow to a nice coating of freezing rain. Those west coasters need to imagine you car and everything else coated in a thick wax like substance that can get up to an inch or more thick. Not fun to scrape off the car. Well we got nothing more than a light covering that was washed away by the light rain we got. Snowpocalype indeed!

This post is not to mock winter lest it bring its full fury to me, but to point out the weather forecasts that cause panic when barely anything happens. Its kinda like crying wolf, when I am freaking out over a little light drizzle.Come on! Maybe next time I won’t be nearly as worried and something bad is going to happen. Too many times does the news build something up to have it come sputtering in.

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