a journal of my journey

My Wife is Cool


For the past couple of days Jenn and I have been working on a conference that we are teaching in a couple of weeks. As a pair we are teaching at our church’s Marriage Retreat at the beginning of April. It was only a week into being here in New Jersey when I agreed to do this and I figured that why would anyone want to listen to me speak on marriage. After all, I am only one part of a marriage.

As we look into the curriculum we are going to use, I realize how blessed that I am. Sure we don’t have the glamorous lifestyle that everyone thinks we have. We do fight, get annoyed with each other, hold grudges, roll our eyes at each other, and pretty much everything else, but somehow we still like/ love each other at the end of the day. In fact there is no one that I would rather share this crazy life in which we live. Today we reflected on the fifteen years we will be married this fall. Full of ups and downs and definitely not boring, but not once have we thought about giving up. When times get hard, I know that I have a partner that I can lean on. In the happy times there is not another person that I want to share it with.

Two words: Blessed am I…. or three words.

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