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Toll Roads, Turnpike, and Me


This week I spent some time in New York for a conference. It was my first trip away from my “home”, otherwise known as the friendly confines on my area. To get there I got a crash course in the Turnpike. First off, why do we have to pay everywhere we go here? For those that do not live near a turnpike, its like a freeway except you have to pay depending on how far you traveling. The other ting is that there are a very limited amount of exits. For instance, I live at exit 4 and exited on exit 11. Well, that was almost sixty miles or so. Weirdly, there are speed limits but everyone just seems to blow through it. I was cruising at 70 or so and huge trucks were blowing by me! Geesh.

Secondly, I encountered something called a toll road. Apparently whenever they feel like it they can set up a toll booth and charge you a buck, then ten miles down the road charge you a buck again. What makes it even worse is that they charge you to exit too! It’s only .35 but who carries that exact change. You only have the choice of the EZ Pass or exact change in some locations. Apparently, on a toll road you have coins (whatever they are), EZ Pass, or cash. When you do not know these things you end up in a coin only line…. since the cash one is on the other side of twelve lanes. Then you stuff a buck into the coin slot and hope that it works. Probably not so…. who knows.

Did I mention that I hate paying for tolls? Learning a new way of life in New Jersey.

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