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Chicken Challenge


Yesterday, I did something stupid. With a bunch of young adults (Mike, Krystal, Jess, Roy (for a bit), and Sean (for a bit) we attempted to clarify a universal question. That question being who has the best fried chicken? If you go to Popeye’s they claim that they are better than KFC, you go to Church’s they say they are better than Popeye’s, and KFC… are just zagat rated. But who truly is better. To make this a greater challenge it was to be done during one afternoon or lunch. You might question our sanity? Why not over a course of time…. simply because we are not the smartest people in the world and it would hurt more. This turned into not a sprint but a marathon.

Our first trip was to Church’s chicken in Lawnside, NJ. I must say that it had to be the most unsanitary of the destinations. With flies and sticky tables, atmosphere was not high on the list. What we decided was at each location to get a family meal with biscuits, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and a drink. The Church’s chicken was good but lacked some flavor. Tasted like chicken. The highlight was the biscuits. As Mike put it… it was a two greasy napkin place. Overall I give it a B- (without deducting points due to sanitation).

After our stop to Church’s we headed to Blackwood, NJ to the new Popeye’s. Since it being new we encountered the complete chaos of people not knowing how to put orders together. The flavor was much better here and the chicken seemed fresher and had more flavor. Even the side dishes were tastier. It was only the mashed potatoes that I did not like with the different flavor. Overall I give it a B.

Finally, in our two hour jaunt we drove through KFC since we were feeling a bit sick. Our plan was to take it to Roy’s house and eat with him. Partially because we felt nauseas and maybe needed a bathroom around. KFC was not what we remembered it to be. We found it to be much saltier and the flavor was overpowering. The crispyness was not nearly what we found at the two prior places. While KFC has been the fried chicken standby it scored much lower. My overall grade was a C+.

What I learned? I am older and cannot handle grease the way I thought I can. As Jess said this morning “I think I still smell like fried chicken”. The amount of grease coming through my pores is immense. But we did it. Challenge complete. Please pass the salad.

In the meantime we are contemplating a french fry challenge, pizza challenge…. or what else.

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