a journal of my journey

A New Day

The Presbyterian landscape has drastically changed in the last couple months, and quite honestly I am a bit lost and disheveled. It is no longer the denomination that I studied about in polity class, or went through the ordination process with. In many ways it is foreign to me. As I was driving to church this morning I was reflecting upon this. A little over three weeks ago Amendment 10-a was approved by a majority of the Presbyteries which removes the requirement for “fidelity in marriage/ chastity in singleness” for its church officers. A couple of days ago nFog (New Form of Government) was also approved and replaces the current form of the Book of Order. A lot of changes for a denomination that is known for not liking change. That everything has to be done in “decently and in order.”

While the church in its congregation level will most likely not change and continue to do what it always has done, on the denominational level an earthquake has occurred. There has been winners and losers. The landscape has changed in an earthshaking way. What is the response? Some may leave the denomination, or a deeper sense of polarization can occur. I hear of rumblings of some responses by groups within the denomination. Through it all we can be overcome by our own emotional or theological response to the issues.

The last nail has not been driven into the denomination and suddenly we are not totally inclusive. The rules may have changed by there still is a vast divide between among us. There is celebration and hurt, wounds and bitterness that have been caused by years of infighting. The great prayer that comes out of nFog is that a new and streamlined form of government arises, and mission can be done. While I disagree with a great many things in the nFog, it now is the new guiding force of what we are. As we move forward, hopefully together, my prayer is that we get back to what the church was destined to do. Be about the mission and glory of God.

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