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Spirituality and Me Day 1

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Throughout seminary the one class that I tried to avoid like the plague was the one on spirituality. At SFTS/SC they offered a weeklong class called Companions on the Inner Way. Me, being the great touchy feely person always found a great excuse to avoid it. I think the problem with me was that I viewed these as antiquated and things of the past. Trying to connect to God through spiritual practices that have not been commonly used in the church in a long time (though been in practice). I believe that part of my problem was that I was not “one of those” people, I was “cutting edge”, techy, and everything else. Though I had some really good role models on people that used the practices, it simply was not me. Everytime we did it in seminary or other places I would shake my head and go along with it.

Then I get to this week. I am sitting here at San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo taking a class on spirituality in the process of preaching. I have to say that its pretty interesting. Could it be that I am at a different place in life? Or have time to actually appreciate it? Or am I maturing? It could be a number of different

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