a journal of my journey


Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.– Matthew 5:9

The news this morning was a story of a arguement that started on the SEPTA train in Philadelphia after a sporting event. As the arguement began to escalate into a fight a man stepped in to calm everything down. As the train pulled into the next station one of the groups left. While they were leaving they turned and pulled a guy and shot into the train hitting both the other aggressors and the peacemaker. 

Being the peacemaker is not a safe place to be sometimes. Peacemaking does not happen in calm serene places but too often in places of conflict. Thos places of conflict are sometimes not where we expect them to be. It could very well be around the dinner table, within church walls, or in our relationships. As I look to what we are called to be… peacemakers. Far too often we want to be peacemakers of the “safe thing”. The issues that will not take us too far out of our comfort zone. Instead of standing up for the rights of others we simply choose to mediate the fight between Girl Scout Cookies of Somoas or Thin Mints. We are unwilling to stand up (sometimes to our own families) for what we believe is right and God honoring. Look within your relationship and life.

Through the week of peace we have begun to realize the peace that we are to have with God but also the peace that we are to be a part of in the world. Where does God call you to be a peacemaker? 

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