a journal of my journey


I have been involved in a picture of the day for the season of Lent. Each day you are to take a picture reflecting the word. Some are easy and some are not so much. It has made me think pastorally, theologically, and more deeply than I initially thought. I really like it… the thinking part of it.

Today the word was settle. Too often we think of the word as giving up. That we are just settling for the situation that we are in. As I was thinking about settle, I took a picture of my youngest in a fort that we created. He was under the blankets, safe and secure. Protected in many ways. Too often we don’t just settle. In worship tonight I encouraged those that attended to simply settle. To let everything go and simply settle in and worship. Listen to the spirit working within our worship, to participate and not let it be a time of performance. To give in and simply be. Many times as we are waiting for God to move in our lives we need to be able to listen to the voice say… it’s not your time yet, that there is something out there but its time to settle and wait. This does not mean that we are abandoned but simply waiting on God’s timing. I hate waiting for God’s timing. I think I know what’s best, but in God’s time is so much more.


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