a journal of my journey


The best part of my day is when I walk in the door. These days it is usually the littlest guy that lights up and yells “Dad!” and runs over to give me a hug or be picked up. Each of my kids have done that, but now that they are older some of the mystic has rubbed off. At times I will get various forms of acknowledgment. But the underlying affection is there in each of them. While at times we may not like each other or our actions, we will still love one another.

So is our relationship with God, while our actions would not be liked, we are still loved… unconditionally. That is hard to fathom, that I am loved without any conditions. Many of us do not have relationships that come without strings. Whether it is parents that love us, as long as we please them. Or friends that love us as long as they are pleased with our actions. I have close friends that long to have a relationship based upon love that has no strings. 

Here is the good news, God love toward us has no stings. You are loved unconditionally in spite of what you have done in your past. Love that is greater than we can hope or imagine.

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