a journal of my journey

Rocks in a Jar


When I first came to my current call, I was told that I needed to take a class by Franklin Covey on organization and prioritizing. Many think of this as a Day-timer system. Well, me being a technology guy, lugging an organizer around with me everywhere was not my cup of tea. After some time of trail and error, I got rid of it for my Apple iCloud system. Whew. 

So here I sit with my own system that I created all on my own, but I see a mountain in front of me. Our church is in the process of transformation and rebirthing something new. While many of these details are still being sketched out, what I do know is that this is an enormous task. This is going to require a huge push into the community and those around us. Realizing this our Pastoral Staff has began to look at how do we do ministry in this new context. After all we still have the have same amount of hours in the week and my family might want to see me every now and then.

There is an illustration that has large rocks, some stones, and some sand. But it cannot all fit into on container. Unless you first put the big rocks in first, then the stones, and finally the sand. As we venture into this new reality are looking for the “must haves” of our ministry. Obviously, we are to lead worship and and provide the Sacraments. So they are designated our big rocks. Something of a less priority but still important is designated as stones. What is left is the sand. In figuring this all out it takes juggling and shifting of rocks as well as roles. We are beginning to understand what a congregation member thinks is important is not necessarily important (or top priority for us). Restructuring Sunday School may be a good idea, but not a priority for us. Another may think that being at every midweek dinner to do the prayer is vitally important, but what about meeting/ being introduced to a mother that is getting her first break of the day at the gym.

As we move forward in what God is calling our Pastoral Staff to do, it may (and will) wrinkle a few feathers. We cannot get everything into the jar of our lives but are able to do so much more when we realize the importance and priority of it. 


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