a journal of my journey

A New Thing




The story of my life seems to be new adventures and leaps of faith. In many ways I have been thrown into the deep end of the pool and told to swim. At times I did relatively well… and others I sank. This new chapter in my life is no different. We have been talking about taking that leap of faith for what feels like an eternity. Now it is upon us and there is a sense of awkwardness that ensues.

As we are creating this new community (which still remains nameless not due to the lack of trying) I am being made how painfully aware of how inadequate I feel. The questions begin to mount that I am able to do what is necessary to make this community succeed? Am I the right person? Who am I going to talk to? These are the questions that rattle my head at night. While I would like to say that I have that confidence and bravado that causes me to have unswerving self confidence… I don’t. Instead you get me. A person that is on a journey of faith that allows God to use me in new and creative ways. I realize that this journey of creating a new worshipping community is a difficult one, but I am glad for the team that in the last couple of years have shared the same passion and vision. The team that has taken shape has not been put here by accident but a God thing. It has been amazing to see the core team’s journey to get where we are now.

For the next little bit my blog will simply be a journal of our journey. Some of it will be full of excitement and others will be dealing with the inner turmoils within us. I was told by our coach (guide/ consultant) that I need to share what is on my head and heart. While I am doing some of that here, we could always use your support and prayers. You can sign up for my personal weekly prayer and thanksgiving newsletter or you can get the updates of this “new thing”.

God is definitely doing a new thing here in South Jersey, and we (me especially) are thankful to be a part of this plan. Thank you for your prayers.


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