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It Takes a Thief

A show that I often watch on the Discovery Channel is called It Takes a Thief. It is about two former burglars breaking into people’s houses and showing them how unsecured their house is. In the end they give them a full security makeover. Sure the premise is to show how to be safe and give great principles on protecting your home. But the flip side it shows how to break into houses. Maybe it can be an alternate career if this whole pastor thing does not work. Or I can be a Tuna Wrangler. All this is showing me is that I watch way too much Discovery Channel.

Anyway, today I helped (not alone) a congregation member “secure” her home. It was interesting going through someones home looking for ways to break in, thus securing it. In a couple of hours we secured the widows and re-keyed the locks, all for under forty bucks. And on a budget too, I got skills there. Something about it was James Bond-esque. Or not. I wonder if I should put that on my resume under “Other Skills”.

Experienced Pastor with skill in preaching, teaching, discipleship, and breaking and entering skills.

Maybe I will leave that out.


I was sitting in the backyard memorizing my Hebrew alphabet when I had a flashack. It was Lake Tahoe about twenty years ago. Rolling around on our bikes with my cousins and our super soakers. With this song (Summer Girls by Dino) blaring in the background. Good times.


As I look back this already has been a long summer, and most of it has been church related. I just returned from General Assembly into a maelstorm of questions on the stance of the PCUSA. It is times like this that I wish that our elders were not so educated in reformed theology and understanding of the Presbyterian culture. For the most part I am joking. So on Sunday, Monday, and today I spent time going over what I had learned at GA and its implications on the church. Nothing like GA talk to get your monday morning raring to go. Earlier today the Presbytery of Santa Barbara had a called Presbytery meeting in order to vote in the new Executive Presbyter. On top of and my normal Associate duties I have been working on relocating and getting the facility online by september. Wooooo. Needless to say I am a bit tired. When I was driving back from Goleta this afternoon, I realized how much decompressing that I have to do. I found myself staring into space a awful lot. Perhaps I need to shut everything down and clear my mind. Lets see if it happens


Hearts and Hands

If you have not figured it out from my previous posts, I have spent the past seven days at General Assembly with SFTS. I was surprised today when I got a text from Ron to come up to the Assembly floor. Where I watch the Assembly is in a classroom on the other side of the convention center. Not because I cannot be on the floor, but this way I can talk through the procedures and happening more than on the floor. One can only handle being shusshed so many times. Anyways Ronnie texts me that I need to meet up with him. He shows me the a brochure that is being distributed from the denomination about Hearts and Hands. On it is Kett (AKA Jessica Woods) and my son. He is famous. Shouldn’t we get some royalty or something for it?

Dance like there is no tomorrow

I was reminded tonight in my class by our professor. “Don’t not pray to avoid the storms of life but pray for the grace to dance in the rain”. Think of that image. Too often we pray to avoid the items in life that cause conflict or pain. Whether that is the problems that arise in life (finances, relationships, etc) or issues (ordination standards, inclusively, etc). Rather pray to dance in the rain.

For the past couple of days in San Jose it has been well over a hundred degrees. In the park across the street there is place that children are playing in streams of water that shoot up. The sounds of laughter and giggles radiated through the park. They did not care how hot it was but were refreshed by the water and had shear joy in what they were doing. Like those children we need to enjoy the storms of life. We do not need to gear up for battle but enjoy what God is doing in the world and know that you cannot move the storm clouds but God can. Do we need to get worked up over items that we cannot change… probably not.

Remember to dance in the rain.

Getting Older

Last night Jen and I had an interesting conversation. It was about our children. She thinks its time to install a parental control software on our computers. No, it is not to block me but in the unlikely event that they become overzealous. Personally, I don’t think that we need it, of course, I may be a bit too trusting with my children. Hey, that don’t do anything wrong. What brought up this thing was that we turned on the girl’s computer and it was loaded onto Myspace. Uhh. my girls on myspace? Not really. What they had done was search Alvin and the Chipmunks soundtrack and it led them to this page. It was actually tame and had nothing on it, and they did not even need an account. Whheew, dodged that one. But it brought us to the idea that we need something on our computers. My only thing is that will it become a hindrance more than something that will help us. Especially since I use the computer more than they do. “What do you mean I can’t look at ESPN or my Facebook!” Stuff like that.

So today I started the search. Apparently someone is making a killing off this software. I went to a review page and almost everything that is decent is $100. Hello! I can get a couple of good dinners out with the wife at that price! The review site is here. I don’t know what I am really looking for maybe something can read my mind. Apparently I want something that is more than a web page blocker. I need something that is going to grow with my kids. Such as watch who is emailing them, where they are surfing, etc. Uhhh. This is going to be much more technical than I thought it would be.

Can’t I just trust my kids.

Happy Turkeee Day

Nothing better than sitting around watching football and stuffing my face. From us turkey overeaters to you- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!