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Light Wars


I was watching Good Morning America this morning and they talked about a man who was so fed up with putting Christmas lights that he put a dummy up like the picture above. It was so realistic that passerby’s could be seen running to the dummy’s aid. 

This led to a conversation with my wife about the good ‘ol Azusa Pacific Days.Every Christmas in the residential area they had a competition called Light Wars. The idea was to dress up the exterior in some Christmas theme and someone would come around and rate it. Well, you have to understand that we were an odd bunch in our apartment. We came up with the idea of putting up a surfer theme (surfing board with a dummy on it with a Santa hat) and a big sign lit up that said “UFO’s Land Here”. For some reason we didn’t even get into consideration and we were actually hurt because we tried. Can you believe someone with a Biblical theme actually won? Come on now! One has to think outside the box and we were really outside it!