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Calling my mom leads me to find that she reads the LAYMAN!!!

Uhhh yeah. This afternoon after a casual conversation with my mom on the way to a meeting, she starts asking me questions about the PCUSA. First you have to understand my mom. She is not one that I would peg be into PCUSA politics, apparently I was wrong. She started asking me about things that she read in the Presbyterian Layman. If you don’t know, the Layman is put together by the Presbyterian Lay Committee that generally represents the conservative side of the denomination. She shared with me was that she felt with all that is going on in the denomination she felt that is should know what is going on. She started questioning me about “that Bruce Reyes Chow guy” , and some of the decisions at General Assembly. As I was driving I was in a state of shock in having a conversation about Presbyterian politics with my mother. It was pretty cool. Maybe our next conversation will be on the proposed re-interpretation of the Heidelberg Catechism?While I applaud my mother for caring about what happens in the denomination, it leads me to my own hesitation about the Layman. On some issues I do agree with the conservative side of the denomination, but I feel in the way that it is portrayed in the Layman could be not quite so negative. Most articles pit the readers against the denomination, and has an outlook thatthe denomination as it stands is bad. I do agree that we do have more than our own fair share of problems, but the way in which we need to bring change needs to be different. Will people listen to what is being said if it is in a negative way? Probably not. In the past several years I have really begun to embrace and gain a deeper understanding of the denomination that I wish to serve. Many issues need to be addressed and change needs to happen, but at what costs are we willing to bring about change? At the risk of destroying and fragmenting it? I think not.You go mom!