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My California Food Bucket List

I have been craving certain foods ever since I stepped on the plane November 30th in San Jose. There are times that I wake out of a dead sleep over these foods in a grease sweat. In 42 days this fire in my belly can be quenched… in no particular order. Just a quick few thoughts dancing in my head.

1. In and Out Burger– Double Double with animal fries.

2. Carl’s jr.- Western Bacon Cheesburger

3. Boars Breath (Oxnard, CA)- Kobe Burger

4. Nations (San Ramon,CA)- Bacon Cheeseburger

5. Fenton’s (Piedmont, CA)- Crab sandwich

6. Peking Inn (Camarillo, CA)- Dim Sum

7. El Pollo Norteno (Oxnard, CA)- Yellow Chicken!

8. Taqueria #4 (Oxnard, CA)- Shrimp cocktail

9. Claim Jumper-

10. Armadillo Willy’s (San Jose, CA)

11. Boudin’s (Walnut Creek, CA)- Sourdough bread

12. Wok ‘n South (Ventura, CA)

13. I Love Sushi (Ventura, CA)- tuna!

14. Snapper Jack’s (Camarillo, CA)- Crispy Steak Tacos

15. Chevy’s (San Ramon,CA)- Fajita’s

16. China Delight’s (San Ramon, CA)- Duck Won Ton Soup

17. Golden Budda (San Jose, CA)- Meat Egg Rolls

18. Jamba Juice- Strawberry Surfrider

19. The Hat (Pasadena, CA)

20. Houston’s (Pasadena, CA)- Prime Rib French Dip Sandwich w/ Eric.

21. Jersey Mike’s (Oxnard, CA)- turkey and roast beef with BACON!

22. Donut Man (Glendora, CA)- Anything…..mmmmm

23. Togo’s- Pastrami or Turkey/ Roast Beef.

My 2011 Bucket List

For many this is a time for new years resolutions and I have had many years of resolutions that have not panned out. In 2000, I wanted to start working out and went on Jan. 1st… and that was the last time that I went to the gym. So instead I have created a Bucket List for the coming year. A bucket list is usually what you want to do before you die. Me, I have got to be a bit different and off, so this is a bucket list for the year 2011 or at least what I can think of.

1. Attend an Anaheim Ducks game.

2. Actually see the historical sites of Philadelphia.

3. Take my wife to New York City.

4. Go to Hershey, PA with the kids… namely the Hunter.

5. Visit a Disney themed resort. AKA Disney World or Disneyland.

6. Get a gym membership and use it.

7. Snowmobile.

8. Look into a DMin for 2012.

9. Get an article published.

10. Have an aquarium.