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The Cowboys are coming

While some people may be excited about the Dallas Cowboys training literally down the street. I am not one of them. Perhaps it is because I am old or disenchanted with my own team. Go San Francisco 49ers! Even though there has been a longer, tougher, and uphill journey for them.

I think part of my disdain is that I have lived in the Oxnard area for the past ten years and I believe that Dallas has had training camp here four or five times during that time. Remember when Terrell Owens first became a Cowboy from Philly? It became a media zoo here, trucks and satellites everywhere. And guess what? This year its Adam “Pacman” Jonesor Adam Jones as he wants to be called. This should be interesting as he awaits a potential reinstatement. The media coverage is going to be unbelievable. Anyways my main complaints are the traffic and crowds in the area. Boy, I am getting old. I am sounding like an old man. Geesh.

My point is: hand on the Cowboys are coming. Maybe I will get a Jessica Simpson sighting or maybe she might even end up at our church. Yeah…. right.