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In and Out vs. Five Guys

Yesterday, I met with a congregation member who took me to Five Guys, who is suppose to be a challenger to the legendary (yes, legendary) In and Out Burger. As the member came he challenged me to really try the Five Guys. So I did. With the comment that if a Double Double was around in Jesus’s time, that is what we would be using for communion instead of bread. With that standard we checked one out yesterday.

First off Five Guys also has hot dogs and stuff. It is not a strictly burger joint. But I had a Bacon Cheeseburger. Unlike In and Out, you tell them exactly what you want on your burger. From mayo to grilled mushrooms to lettuce. It is completely customizable to your specifications. The only bad thing that I found is that they only cook it well done, not like you really get a choice at In and Out anyways. What I found peculiar was that they gave free peanuts away and the fries are cooked in peanut oil. I like me a good peanut oil fried turkey so this did not bother me any, but I questioned the use since there are so many people that have allergies these days. In fact my sister probably could not go into the place since it would cause her to swell up like a balloon. Actually, it would be kinda comical. Just kidding Kirst! Or not.

I would definitely go back to five guys since the price was reasonable and it was pretty good. My search will continue for the perfect burger that can replace in my mind a Double Double.