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What to do?

In the past couple of weeks I have watched as the impact of the General Assembly decisions start to hit close to home. This has come up in conversations that I did not expect them to come up in, and each startled me. First off from the people that it came from and the reaction of these individuals. I admit I have been having trouble coming to terms of the entirety of what is going on. Through my own discerning process, some of the issues I have come to my own decision. But it is not only me, a candidate for ministry and a leader in my local church that is debating the issues from the previous General Assembly. Our own Presbytery early this year formed a Task Force to deal with some of these issues both theologically and its impact within our Presbytery. At the next Presbytery meeting we will be setting some time aside to discuss this. Our Session last night and in prior meetings have discussed what the implications meant to us as a whole. It seems that the denomination is getting riled up. In some ways I am excited that no longer is there a “them” and “us”, that some meaningful dialogue may take place.

What i am most grateful for is the Jack Haber the editor of the Presbyterian Outlook has put together a group of editorials to each group. I found them fascinating.

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