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Pay Attention!!!

It is the first week of school for my kids. With that all the crazy drivers are back. In the Oxnard School District we are on a year round cycle so really summer break was only a week long. Apparently in that one week everyone forgot how to drive. Crossing the street today my daughters both almost got hit by cars in different times, and it was only five minutes apart. I usually go to walk them across the street because of the “crazy’s” and today was a good reminder why. This lady in a blue Ford Focus almost ran over my daughter who was in the crosswalk walking, the lady just sped through OVER THE SPEED LIMIT. Now the question is what should I do. Maybe talk to the principal or maybe complain to the cops (yes, I know I will be the on caught). But it is worth my kids safety. Jenn was telling me as I was venting to her that my youngest rolling backpack was hit by a driver earlier this week. Uhhh…. I know I am not suppose to be yelling and screaming at people in cars but that probable would have done it. It is not like we are jaywalking across the street but using a DESIGNATED CROSSWALK! Come on people is it that important for you to zoom out of the school that you are willing to risk the safety of kids?

More hoops

Today I met with my liaison to the Committee on Preparation for Ministry. It is the group of elders and Pastors that oversee potential new pastors in the years leading up to ordination. As I am counting, I have only thirteen more months. Though I am considering trying to not kill myself and take an extra semester. It would move two additional classes to the spring instead of trying to pile them on top of my normal class load.Anywho, I have turned in my paperwork to take the ordination exams. It is a set of four tests over the course of a day and a half. Three are three hours long and the fourth is take home and due later in the week. The four sections are Polity (Church Government), Worship and Sacraments, Theological Competence, and Biblical Exegesis (Take home). Believe it or not I am a bit excited about it. Not the studying part but finishing a large hurdle ordination.Celebration dance in honor of me. Yeehha.

Supervised Ministry

Part of the curriculum at SFTS involved as internship class. Well a couple of weeks ago I started mine. Granted now I am officially a “Seminary Intern” for Word of Life. Great… Anyways I had some preconceived notions of what this class was going to be about. Some words that come to mind are basic, boring, touchy-feely, and a myriad of others. It seems that this class did not really interest me all that much. That was until I started the class. We are reading a book called Shared Wisdom that has changed my outlook. The books is one on case studies. We are to present a case study on a situation that we encounter for each class. Part of it requires us to do a “theological reflection”. It gets us to look at the situation and how we respond in our theology. What I said? In each situation our theology is reflected in our response. If we lash out at others, it is reflected in our theology. If we ignore social problems, it is reflective of out theology. And so on.It made me look at each situation in my life and how my theology is a reaction to it. Now I am looking at each situation as if my theology depends on it. Whether I have a vengeful God, grace filled, small or large God, etc.Great school is making me think!

Which way is up

So I have been in Greek for six weeks now and I close my eyes and see different conjugations of different word such as “luo” and other ones. My final is next week and thank goodness 2/3 of the grade is a take home assignment (35% of the total grade- final). If I had to memorize all the vocabulary, parsing, deponents, and moods I would be in trouble. As is I have reached saturation point. It seems that I memorize something one day and the next it has fallen out. I sit and stare at my flashcards with a dumbfounded look. Oh well only six days left.Maybe after that I can post something of actual significance.

Greek in 7 weeks

I like to be tortured and in pain. For the next month and a half I am taking Greek. Break? There is no such thing. Maybe the two week break after this class ends. First off, how good at this can I be when I took Spanish I (4x), German, and Greek (at Azusa Pacific) and never got higher than a D. I live in Cali how can I not know some Spanish?Now my head is full of congegations, present indicatives, and other wierd things. Vocabulary words that I cannot even sound out enough. Is it a little wierd when at study last night when people said words I was translating them into my vocab words with conjugations? Example: Angeles is aggelos (not using greek characters). Arrrgghhh. All I can say is my poor wife that has to deal with me for the next six weeks, eleven classes, or thirty eight and half hours. I am not counting or anything. 

What is wrong with me?

Entering seminary has definitely changed me. I am not sure for the good or the bad. It depends on the perspective. To understand this one has to understand where I have been. I barely, I mean BARELY, made it out of college the first time. By the skin of my chinny chin chin. School was cool, the social, and living outside of my parents home part. No, I didn’t get into drugs or drinking. But enjoyed spending time with friends, slacking off, and being an all around goof off.In order to continue on the ordination track for the PCUSA I needed to go back to school and get a higher GPA. So I did. I still screwed off. I would not open my books for some classes or even do the papers until the day that they were due. One would think that the class that I would do the best “Christian Worldview”, I got a C.Now that I am at SFTS, I look back and wonder what happened to me. I am not the screw off (OK, yes I am) that I use to be. Imagine this I get to school many times early (2 hours). Not to only beat the traffic out of Oxnard, but to sit around McCormick and Scmitt’s for Happy Hour and discuss theology and other academic things. I use the word “things” because I am not so academic. Sometimes as I am sitting around with Sam and Jacoba as we are talking about Postmodernism and issues within the church I laugh at myself. Sean, the screw off is sitting here having these conversations!What is wrong with me? Did I grow up? Have a brain transplant? Am I faking it?Who knows! It is quite interesting though.