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30 Day Challenge Results

A church in Florida recently challenged its married members to participate in the “30 day challenge“. The theory is that they wanted stronger marriages in their congregation. I guess it could be done through sex, but what about… uhh… communication? While I do see the point, reading a recent article in Christianity Today entitled The Life You Always Wanted (In Bed). It states that the church in Florida has grown by fifteen percent since the challenge has been extended. I guess when I preach this Sunday that is what I am going to preach about, church growth…BAM!

It seems that the idea of the church as becoming a sex therapist is a growing trend. With all the books that are being published, curriculum developed, and it being used as a tool for evangelism. Granted, we the church need to care for the WHOLE person, and sexuality is becoming more overt. Maybe it is the traditionalist in me that wants to steer clear of this area but it needs to be discussed. How can we discuss healthy marriages without talking about the pink elephant in the bedroom. We can’t. But it must be done with a degree of tact.

I can see it coming already, tomorrow Pastor Ron is going to announce his next sermon series is on sex. And it will cause more than a few members in the congregation “to throw up a little in their mouths”. Quote courtesy of his daughter Alicia. Yeah… I see this is one that he will pass on, but I am preaching on Sunday…hmmm…15% growth….hmmmm