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Porn killed the betamax star!

Reading an article this morning that points the the pornography industry’s support of VHS as the reason for the demise of betamax. If you are old enough to remember VHS won the VCR format war in large in part to its willingness to “press” porn. Well now it is part deux. The two new formats Blue-ray and HD-DVD are the new high definition DVD competitors.He also noted the adult entertainment industry has often paved the way with new uses of technology — such as streaming video on the Internet — and said porn could help tip the scales in the current DVD format battle.“If the porn industry wanted to break the logjam of HD-DVD and Blu-ray, it could,” McQuivey said. “If they said ‘We are going to go with HD-DVD’ you would see a few million homes immediately go out and buy HD-DVD players. They have that power.”It is a potential weapon that one side, at least, has ignored. Instead, Blu-ray backer Sony Corp.(6758.T) blocked manufacturers from producing porn DVDs in that format — a move that some say has pushed adult film studios into the camp of HD-DVD camp led by Toshiba Corp. (6502.T)Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid Entertainment Group, said Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:<a href="http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/finance/nm/tc_nm/storytext/column_pluggedin_dc/22547045/*http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=dis&d=t“>DIS<a href="http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/biz/nm/tc_nm/storytext/column_pluggedin_dc/22547045/*http://biz.yahoo.com/n/d/dis.html“>news) also refuses to use DVD makers — known as replicators — that press porn titles.This makes finding a Blu-ray replicator willing to alienate Sony and Disney almost impossible for porn studios because the format requires costly new equipment and there are only a handful of replicators able to make such DVDs.That isn’t a problem for HD-DVD because that technology is based on previous-generation standards, which makes it far simpler and cheaper for companies to hire replicators to press their DVDs.entire articleIt is interesting to read that the porn industry literally effects each of our households and our economy in such a real way.


Like many I have been reading and watching reports on the news about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed being the mastermind behind all these Al Queda attempts including 9/11. As I read many of these things it seems a bit out of the ordinary that he would confess seemingly to everything that has ever been attempted or thought of against the US. Today reports have surfaced that he personally killed Daniel Pearl, the reporter kidnapped in Pakistan in 2002. If you read some of these wire reports it put some suspicion in my mind. How can someone be that connect to EVERYTHING that is happening? Who knows.That was until I read other reports about the use of water boarding. Or the psychological breakdown of prisoners due to repeated questioning. Apparently we have been using a technique called water boarding. Wikipedia Definition It simulates the appearance of drowning upon a prisoner in order to get information.Could it be possible that he is so psychologically broken that he is willing to confess to about anything? As I read a report, we will never know.

Gas Prices and Over the Hedge

I was listening to the news today and they were discussing something near and dear to my heart. GAS PRICES. If you haven’t noticed it has jumped from $2.51 to $3.06 at our local stations. Yours might be a bit different. What got my ire was the excuse that the Refineries were given. Apparently squirrels and raccoons have attacked two refineries in the Los Angeles area rendering them temporarily useless. Uhhh…  did you say squirrels and raccoons. YES I DID!They did not list the amount of time repairs were going to take. But come on my children can make up better excuses than that! Or maybe they are out for us. I better keep better watch on that goldfish and turtle they might have a hand in Iran and nuclear armament.