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Flight Simulator

I remember growing up and playing flight simulator on  my PC. Of course it was based off of DOS. If you don’t know what it was then you are a youngster. In class tonight our professor was talking about this. He also mentioned that Google Earth has that capability. For some obvious reasons they do not openly promote it. The control options can be found here.

Flight Simulator Keyboard Controls

This document describes the various keyboard combinations that you can use with the flight simulator features of Google Earth. To enter the flight simulator mode, press Ctrl + Alt + A (

+ Option + A on the Mac). Once you have entered flight simulator mode for the first time, you can re-enter the mode by choosing Tools > Enter Flight Simulator. To leave flight simulator mode, click Exit Flight Simulatorin the top right corner or press Ctrl + Alt + A (

+ Option + A on the Mac).The following keystrokes control navigation and other aspects of the flight simulator. You can also control the aircraft with a mouse or joystick. To disable or enable mouse controls, left click (single click on a Mac). Once mouse controls are active, the pointer shape changes to a cross on your screen.

Note – Note that until you enter flight simulator mode, the following commands do not work.