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A New Chapter

The last couple of weeks have been interesting as I have worked on transferring the many tasks and oversight of ministries that I have been involved in for the past three years. This last sunday was my last official sunday at Word of Life. And in all transitional times I am quite reflective on what has happened as well as what I wish had happened. In saying the latter I was thinking of how I wanted to create programs and studies that would better help families. I dreamed of the day that we could offer parenting classes to the community as well as being a supportive community for families. It is not like I am the first one to think about what could have been, especially since the community and has such a need.

Anyways. The last three years have been one that I have had the opportunity to do things that I thought that I would never have the chance to do. When I first came to the church, all I was concerned with was sitting in the back pew. But through my experiences I feel that I am better person. Not only was I encouraged and supported throughout the ordination process but consider many of the people that supported me as family. When the trials and rigors of seminary and life became too much or too stressful there was always someone there to put me back into perspective.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity and freedom that I have had in the past year. With an dedicated team we reinvisioned the church. The last year we got to try a different model than a traditional church. While the results were not as amazing as our heads thought it would be, it was a great experience. The chance to be in a church that is willing to take those leaps of faith is invaluable.

As in everything, good times don’t last forever. What is the future is still very much in the air. For now I will be working on developing the Front Porch ministry of the Presbytery as well as finishing up (hopefully) the ordination process.

Thanks ya’lls for all the support. Not to mention the great spanish lessons and I’ll need to collect on my tattoo hours soon (or maybe not).