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Does anyone know why wordpress’s spellchecker is not working?


I saw this video on Saturday Night Live and thought it was hilarious. Kobayashi is the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating champion for the past several years. Apparently someone in Japan made him an animation super hero.Can I become one too?

Hockey is not for radio

I am listening to game 5 of the Ducks vs. Canucks since it is not on TV. Versus has it and has blocked the local telecasts. Great. Let me tell you how fun listening to hockey is. With it being a fast paced game it is awful. Though the Ducks are up 1-0 during the 2nd intermission.


I saw this picture and it was amazing.

In this image made available by NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope catches the ‘last hurrah’ of a dying star that is much like Earth’s sun.